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The purpose of placement testing is to assess your current abilities and to determine which courses will be most beneficial to you as you begin your studies at Benedictine University. All incoming freshman students are required to take placement tests in math, writing, and foreign language. If you have AP scores or dual credit, you should still take the placement tests. Before taking any exams, we advise that you prepare.

The mathematics test takes between 30 and 45 minutes; the writing test takes 50 minutes; and each foreign language test takes 60 minutes. Ideally, you should complete all of your testing in one sitting; however, you have up to two (2) days to complete them all. Please schedule a block of time accordingly. For more information on how to prepare and a list of topics covered in the math placement exam please visit our Math Placement Testing page. The Writing Assessment at Benedictine is used to place students in either the standard first writing course, the writing course with additional workshops, or the preparatory course for those who are not yet ready to write at the college level.  There is no option for retaking the quiz, so please put forth your best effort.

Please contact the Enrollment Center at (630) 829-6300 or with questions.

You will be eligible to take the placement tests 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from today's date.

Want to take your placement test on campus? You can! Contact your admissions counselor for more information about the on-campus testing date. Once you have begun your classes here at Benedictine University you are no longer allowed to take the Math Online Placement test.  If classes have begun and you have no current Math placement result please see the Math Learning Specialist in the Student Success Center.

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