Police acquire ResQ Disc to keep visitors safe on Lake St. Benedict

Police acquire ResQ Disc to keep visitors safe on Lake St. Benedict
April 29, 2009

Phil Brozynski, Media Relations Manager
(630) 829-6094

Would you throw a Frisbee® to a swimmer in distress? Of course you would, if it was attached to more than 100 feet of line. The Benedictine University Police Department has purchased “ResQ Disc™,” a Frisbee®-like life preserver device that has been credited with more than 350 known saves. One of the more recent rescues involving the disc occurred last August when Evanston police pulled two swimmers out of Lake Michigan. “The ResQ Disc™ was tested at Lake St. Benedict and worked as advertised,” said Benedictine University Chief of Police Michael Salatino. “Two of our vehicles are now equipped with the device, and our officers have been reviewing the information about the disc in preparation for the various summer youth camps held on campus.” The disc is used like a Frisbee®. About 20 feet of line is unwound from the outer edge of the disc, and it is thrown slightly beyond the person in distress and pulled back toward the victim. The buoyant disc acts as a floatation device to help the victim keep their head above water while being pulled to shore. With practice, the disc can be thrown as far as 150 feet. The ResQ Disc™ is used by firefighters, police, Border Patrol agents, the U.S. Coast Guard and the military. It can also be used by recreational boaters and outdoor enthusiasts who may find themselves in a situation where a water rescue is needed. Lake St. Benedict, a 5-acre slough on the Benedictine campus, is often canoed by students and visitors.


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