10th Annual Benedictine Pedagogy Conference - May 26-28, 2016 - Lisle, IL

Engaging the Mission: Ten Years of Embedding the Hallmarks into Benedictine Education

Conference Purpose

The Benedictine Pedagogy Conference provides a venue by which faculty, staff and administrators can share ideas and practices by which they have successfully integrated the Ten Hallmarks developed by the Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities in the classroom, student life, and collegiate environment.

The conference addresses a range of critically important themes that impact the changes within our institutions relating to the maintenance and well-being of the unique Benedictine charism of our founding fathers and sisters today. The conference is typically hosted by a different Benedictine college or university from year to year. Presenters are among the faculty, staff and administrators of our institutions.

We are inviting proposals for presentations and poster sessions, and accepting applications for workshop participation.

Conference Goal

The goal of the Benedictine Pedagogy Conference is to help faculty and staff at Catholic Benedictine institutions find ways to enrich the workplace by empowering them through information and tools to better serve the University mission and, as a consequence, enrich the student experience.

Conference Focuses
  1. Connecting the Hallmarks with their Catholic Roots
  2. Hospitality and Living/Working in Community
  3. Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue
  4. Academic Freedom in the Context of the Church
  5. Service and the Common Good

Conference Framework
Presentations with Panel Discussion
3 speakers per session - 15 minutes per presenter
25 minutes discussion
4 presentation sessions over the conference duration
Call for Proposals

Workshops - Case Studies and Best Practices (130 minutes)
(Invited Panel Presentations)
Curricular and Community Focuses
Multiple Facilitators
Workshop Descriptions and Preparation

Plenary Presentation with Discussion
Invited speakers

Poster Session (90 minutes)
Posters displayed throughout conference
Call for Proposals

Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and Campus Tours



10 Anniversary Benedictine Pedagogy Conference

Dates to Remember:

Registration Opens: January 8, 2016

Proposal Submissions Due: May 1, 2016

Registration Closes: May 15, 2016

Conference Dates: May 26-28, 2016


Officially endorsed by the ABCU
Center for Mission and Identity

Phone: (630) 829-1316
Email: pedagogy@ben.edu
Website: www.ben.edu/pedagogy
Kindlon Hall, 4th Floor
5700 College Road, Lisle, IL 60532