Parking Procedures

Parking permits are required to park on Benedictine University Property. University Police patrol the parking lots and issue citations for infractions of the parking regulations. Vehicles may be immobilized or towed for repeated violations. The following is a brief list of parking infractions:

  • Improperly displayed permit
  • Park in Roadway
  • Park on grass/turf/meadow
  • Park within 15ft. of a Fire Hydrant
  • Parking in a handicap space
  • Parking in a fire lane
  • Parking in a striped area
  • Parking overnight in restricted areas
  • Parking in Hybrid or Electrical Vehicle Only Spaces (Vehicle Must be Hybrid or Electric)
  • Others as related to safety of pedestrians and motorists

Alternate Parking on heavy traffic days:

Students may park in Faculty/Staff lots after 5pm (as most classes have concluded for the day), but must move their vehicle by 7am the next morning.

Motorist may also park on the east side of the Service Road (rear drive of campus) leading to Maple Ave. from Krasa, near the tree line.

***Due to turf damages, parking along the lake is no longer authorized.***

No Overnight parking (After 1am) in the Parking Garage.

Snow Storms and Parking: (Dec.1 - Apr. 1)

Student Residents must move their vehicles to the Parking Garage or the Krasa lot during snow storms so Campus Services can remove snow from Resident parking lots.  Vehicles which fail to move are subject to citation and towing at the owner's expense.

Parking Permits (FREE, no fees):

Parking permits are required to parking in all lots, except Krasa and the Parking Garage.  There are four categories of parking permit. They are: Faculty/Staff, Resident, Commuter and Visitor.  They must be displayed by hanging them from the rear view mirror of your vehicle.  

Student Parking areas are indicated with a Red or Orange parking sign at the entrance to the lots.  Faculty/Staff Parking areas are indicate with large Green and White signs at the entrance to their lots.

Traffic Enforcement

Since Benedictine University is a self contained campus and private property, University Police enforce traffic laws to protect the campus community, reduce risk of vehicle crashes, raise safety for pedestrians and maintain an orderly traffic flow in and around campus Illinois Statute 1020-1, University Police also enforce traffic laws on College Road and Maple Avenue.


University Police enforce all the same traffic laws that municipal police do. University Police focus primarily on safety related violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code. Some of the violations you may receive a citation for are:

  • Occupant Protection
  • Impaired Driving
  • Speeding (Posted Limits on Campus are 15 mph) - "Speeding is RADAR enforced."
  • Disobeying Stop Signs
  • No Left Turn Violations
  • Illegal Lane Usage
  • Disobey Traffic Control Device or Officer
  • Driving Too Fast For Conditions
  • Other various IVC Violations

University Police enforce traffic and parking regulations for all persons who come to the University through the use of the Law Enforcement Access Data System. Non University affiliated motorists who fail to pay their fines will be billed as a collection action. All fines should be paid within (15) days of receiving the citation or letter stating that your appeal has been denied.

Fines may be paid by check at Ben Central in the Krasa Student Center on the main floor. Checks should be made payable to Benedictine University.

Traffic Violations on College road and Maple avenue, where a citation is issued, require fines to be paid to the State of Illinois through the DuPage County Clerk. Some citations may require a court appearance.

Citation Appeals Board

The Benedictine University Citation Appeals Board is comprised of students, staff and a non-voting police representative who chairs the board as an advisor.

Board members may serve from 1 to 4 years. To become a board member you must fill out an application in the University Police office. Once an opening on the board is available, University Police will contact you in regards to serving on the Appeals Board.

Motorists on campus who receive a parking or traffic citation may appeal that citation by filling out an appeal form, stating their reason for appeal, attaching their citation and returning it to the University Police Office or fill out the online Appeal Form at the left.(You must include all information on the form or it will not be processed and the citation will stand.)

Parking Appeal Form

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Description: Guidelines regarding the use, sale, delivery, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on any property owned or controlled by the University.

Benedictine University Police Department 

Emergency: (630) 829-6666

Non-Emergency: (630) 829-6122

Lower level of the Parking Garage
5720 College Road Lisle IL, 60532
Police Officers on Campus 24/7