Tuition and Fees

Upon registration, students are considered financially responsible for all tuition and fees. A Summarized Student Statement is generated the 15th of each month. This statement reflects only that activity which has taken place on the student account in the last billing cycle. Tuition discounts do not apply to students enrolling in Adult Accelerated Programs.

2012-2013 Tuition and Fees Undergraduate

Full-Time Students (12-18 credit hours):
General Service Fee: $100
Activity Fee: $45

Overload Tuition Fee (per credit hour over 18):
Equal to semester hour part-time rate

Part-Time Students (1-11 credit hours):
Tuition (per credit hour):$430
Activity fee: $45
General service fee: $75 (1-6 credit hours)
$100 (more than 6 credit hours)

Summer Tuition (per credit hour): $210

B.S.N. Tuition (per credit hour): $275

Adult Program
Tuition (per credit hour): $310

Adult Program
Tuition (per credit hour): $325
General Service Fee (per term): $25

Special Charges*

Course-Related Charges
(Nonrefundable after the first week of the semester)

Anthropology 112: $15
Art 103:$75
Art 117, 119, 120, 121, 122, 221, 225, 231:$100
Art 118, 220, 241, 242:$125
Biology Labs:$75
Business 105:$60
Chemistry Labs:$75
Computer Science (all courses): $60
English 201:$20
Physical Geography 105:$75
Physical Science Labs:$75
Physics Labs:$75
Theater 121, 122:$20

All course-related charges subject to change. See the current course schedule for updates.

Administrative Service Charges Application Fee (Graduate): $40
Application Fee (International): $40
Application Fee (Undergraduate): $20
Application Fee (Ph.D.): $50
C.L.E.P. posting fee (per examination credit): $85
Clergy/Lay Ministry Program (per credit hour): $50
Dantes Subject Standardization Test (DSST): $95
Early Enrollment Program (per credit hour): $100
Elementary Education Background Check Fee: $10
Graduation Fee: $125
Independent Study (per credit hour): $430
Non-Sufficient Funds Check (NSF): $30
Portfolio Assessment (per credit hour): $50
Rush Transcript: $15
Special Examination: $15
Transcripts (each): $5

All tuition remission students and consortium students must pay applicable fees such as activity, graduation, health, technology and lab fees. All fees are subject to change without further notice.

*Cost per term **Cost per academic year

Financial Policy

Benedictine University at Springfield is a non-profit corporation. The annual income from a student's fees covers only a portion of the cost of his or her education. Therefore, to meet its educational objective, and in fairness to all students, the College must insist on the following regulation: Payments or financial arrangements must be made prior to the first day of each term, session or module.

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