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Going back to school can seem like a daunting process. But with Benedictine University's A.B.L.E. program it doesn't have to be!

Many adults with busy lifestyles just like you are enrolled in our accelerated adult programs. If you have any specific questions about the programs or just want reassurance that you can succeed in Benedictine University's A.B.L.E. program, please Ask Away!

Frequently Asked Questions

A.B.L.E. Program

I've never attended college before, and I'm afraid I won't succeed.

You are not alone. Many students who come here for the first time have similar feelings. Our adult programs help to put some of those fears to rest. Typically, the class size is smaller, so you will receive personalized attention from the instructors. We also encourage our students to utilize the free tutoring service in the Resource Center and our free 24/7 online tutoring service.

I've taken classes at other colleges where I am the oldest person there. How is this program different?

Our students in the adult program range in age from 24 to 65 or older. This makes for a very strong learning environment. Most of our adult students have work-life experiences to share; all the students benefit.

What does "Accelerated" mean? Do I get my degree fast, or does that mean the courses are accelerated?

Accelerated is a word we use to describe the nature of the classes you will take. Since most of our sessions are between 5 to 10 weeks in length, the material covered in each textbook is at an accelerated format. For example, in an 8-week session, you will open the textbook, close it, and have everything due within that 8-week period.

Can I just take one class to see if I can handle the load?

Yes. Some of our students try taking one class to see how it goes. In most cases, they enjoy the classes so much, that they continue with additional courses.

How many nights per week do the classes meet?

Students can take one or two classes at a time, and each class only meets one night per week on the same night for the entire session.


Do you have entrance exams?

No, you are not required to take entrance exams.

My transcript has bad grades on it, will I still be allowed to enter the program?

Yes. If you transfer in credits with an overall GPA of 2.0 or lower, we will accept you on a provisional basis and ask that you work hard in your first two classes to increase your grades.

I still owe money to a college I attended. Can I still attend?

Typically, if you owe money to other colleges, they will not release your official transcript, which is a necessary requirement for admittance to Benedictine University at Springfield.


Can I transfer credits from other colleges?

Yes, so long as the credits are from an accredited institution. Also, we don't put a time limit on how old the credits are, even 30 years ago. Withdrawals, Incompletes and failed courses do not transfer.

Some of my previous credits are for occupational education. Do those credits transfer?

No, we cannot accept occupational credits or credits for developmental courses.

Associate Degrees

Once I get my associate's degree, will my credits transfer to other universities?

Yes. The Higher Learning Commission a member of the North Central Association accredits Benedictine University at Springfield. However, each institution has its own regulations, so they may require you to take additional prerequisite courses in order to enter their programs.

Student Loans

I'm still paying off my previous student loan. Can it be put on "hold" so that I can start school again?

As a rule' that is possible. You will need to contact your lender and discuss your options with them. As long as you are current with your loans, you are able to proceed with the admissions process here.

Study Tips

What are some tips to help me study?
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat well-balanced meals
  • Exercise regularly - join our free fitness center
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Create a consistent daily routine
  • Stay ahead of your homework by 1 week
  • For every 1 hour in class, allow 2 hours of study time
  • Find a study-buddy to keep each other accountable and on track
  • Match yourself up with like-minded students

Tip: pick 3 or 4 from the list and work on those until you master them!

Learning Team Financial Aid

What school code should I put on my FAFSA?

We ask that you the Benedictine University at Springfield code (001767).

When can I expect to receive my Financial Aid Award Packet?

Because calculating the financial aid for a learning team student is very complex, you will probably receive your Financial Aid Award Packet after you have started attending classes.

Who should I contact regarding questions about my financial aid?

Please call the Financial Aid Office at Benedictine University at Springfield (800) 635-7289, Ext. 224 or 244. All financial aid forms should be sent to Springfield for processing (this includes all requests from the Lisle campus with instructions to return to Lisle.)

How is the Financial Aid different for a learning team student compared to a traditional student?

As a learning team student, your financial aid is calculated for an entire year versus a traditional student whose aid is calculated each semester. If you withdraw from or fail a course, your financial aid will have to be recalculated and it could possibly impact the amount of your financial aid. Before you make any changes to your Learning Team Registration Plan, please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if it will impact your financial aid.

Can I take a Leave of Absence from my learning team program?

The Financial Aid Office may grant a qualifying student a leave of absence of up to 180 days in any 12-month period during which the student is considered on active status and no Title IV Return of Funds calculation is required. Time in excess of 180 days will not be approved. If you are considering requesting a Leave of Absence, please contact the Financial aid Office for additional information.

At my previous school, my financial aid grants covered the cost of my tuition, fees, and books. Will it be the same for the learning team program?

Now that you are in a year-round program, you will probably need to use your student loan to pay for some of the summer charges. Unfortunately, the State of Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant does not pay for summer courses. Students in a learning team program generally save their loan money to cover the cost of summer courses.

I need to take prerequisite courses at another school. How can I get financial aid for those courses?

To be eligible for financial aid for courses taken at another school, you must be enrolled simultaneously at both schools. Combined enrollment must equal at least half-time status, and the course must be listed on your Learning Team Registration Form. A copy of your registration form for the prerequisite courses must be attached to a completed Benedictine University Consortium Agreement (available on website) and submitted to the Financial Aid Office in Springfield. This needs to be done every term you are enrolled in prerequisite courses.

I defaulted on my student loans. Do I qualify still for financial aid?

No. You must pay off that loan in full, or make satisfactory arrangements to initiate payments again.

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