About Us

Mission, Vision and Values


It is impossible to convey in words the human warmth of spirit, love of teaching and dedication to student success that resonates throughout this University, but three words - mission, vision, values - express a great deal about the motivating spirit found in the Benedictine University at Springfield family.

The mission of Benedictine University at Springfield has evolved as a result of years of forward-thinking, goal-setting and character-building as an expression of what community members strive to instill in each student. They are in fact "words to live by," based on a long and rich Benedictine tradition of learning, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

The University is built on vision - from the vision of life long learning that St. Benedict introduced more than 1,500 years ago, to the vision of Fr. Cosmas Versely, O.S.B. who helped form this University into a leader in the field of science, to our modern-day leaders who seek to improve and move us forward all while keeping the strength of our Benedictine traditions alive. Our vision statement helps to articulate these many years of enlightenment.

Without values our mission and vision would not stand-out. A values-based education is an important part of what sets us apart. The essential Benedictine values taught and lived out at this University seek to aid all students and community memebers in maintaining a life filled with purpose and meaning.

The Mission

Benedictine University at Springfield dedicates itself to the education of undergraduate and graduate students from diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. As an academic community committed to liberal arts and professional education - distinguished and guided by its Roman Catholic tradition and Benedictine heritage - the University prepares its students for a lifetime as active, informed and responsible citizens and leaders in the world community.

The University's mission reflects devotion to assisting students in becoming responsible persons who will make positive contributions to society. The Benedictine community provides instruction, counsel and life experiences that help students to acquire enduring knowledge and cultivate skills to:

  • Communicate effectively, across cultural boundaries
  • Reason and make informed judgements
  • Identify and solve problems independently and cooperatively
  • Develop a sense of intellectual curiosity and a desire for lifelong learning
  • Understand the content, methodology and interrelationships of specific areas of study
  • Pursue and communicate the truth
  • Confront and resolve ethical issues and contribute to the work of social justice
  • Benefit from diversity of opinions and cultures
  • Value the interdependence of cultures and nations
  • Exhibit stewardship toward self and environment
  • Strive for a life lived in balance
  • Foster appreciation and individual development of creative expression

The Vision

Benedictine University at Springfield is a Catholic University in the Benedictine Tradition that Provides a Values-Centered Liberal Arts Education Enriched by Our Excellence in Science.

The University's vision statement can be found in the printed word, but also in the hearts of the community members at this Catholic and Benedictine institution. Our primary goal is teaching and learning. But our teaching does not stop with the current trends in pedagogy or technology. It continues to build on our moral and ethical Catholic tradition and our values-driven Benedictine heritage.

The Catholic tradition emphasizes:

  • The worth and dignity of each person
  • The solidarity of the human race and the social nature of human existence, which is oriented toward God and not limited to this life
  • The goodness of creation and its sacramental potential for disclosing the transcendent; as well as the interconnectedness of truth and the compatibility of faith and reason in the search for the truth

We at the University firmly believe that success requires a body of knowledge founded in social and humanistic values that are common to all people. Those values are inherent in our Catholic and Benedictine traditions. In accord with these values, we believe that any liberal arts curriculum (of which the sciences is a subset) must be highly interdisciplinary so that students and faculty alike may see the many connections among all branches of knowledge. Our initiative to have "science across the curriculum" should enhance students' abilities to solve complex problems by allowing them to draw on facts and ideas from different but related, fields of knowledge. This initiative should also make students alert to the ethical issues embedded in all disciplines and allow them to view science issues and problems from a more global perspective. With our more integrated curriculum, students will be able to leave Benedictine University at Springfield as powerful figures in society ready to assist in many areas in need of social justice.

Benedictine University at Springfield has a uniqueness and a strength that allows us to offer our students quality majors anchored in a rich, integrated liberal arts base that is further enhanced by our traditional strengths in the natural and social sciences. As evidenced by our vision, we at the University are dedicated to providing the necessary tools to help our students succeed in their future professions.

The Values

Benedictine University at Springfield is grounded in the spirit of the founders who based their lives and work on St. Benedict's Rule for Monks, written in the early sixth century. The University continues to build its educational life and efforts on the same values that have aided all Benedictine men and women in living a fulfilled life:

  • A search for God by oneself and with others
  • A tradition of hospitality
  • An appreciation for living and working in community
  • A concern for the development of each person
  • An emphasis on a life lived in balance
  • A dedication to responsible stewardship of all things
  • A commitment to academic excellence.