Allied Health Programs

The allied health professions are professions that typically require no more than a bachelor's degree level, although many professions require additional credentialing such as board examinations and/or licensure. Students attending our campus can complete courses to help meet these specific external program requirements.We have agreements with several institutions that provide additional opportunities and degree options with Benedictine.In addition to trained advisors and knowledgeable faculty, undergraduate students on the Springfield campus have access to the Director of Pre-Professional Health Programs to assist them in making progress towards their chosen degree.

Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)

Advances in technology and diagnostic methods have led to rapid expansion in the field of medical (clinical) laboratory science. Laboratory professionals in this field play a crucial role in analysis of body tissue, cells and fluid samples.They employ highly skilled manual techniques and routinely use sophisticated instrumentation to perform testing in such disciplines as clinical chemistry, hematology, immunohematology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology and urinalysis.

Students in the medical laboratory science program must complete at least 90 semester hours with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (cumulative and in required science courses), which include lab-based biology and chemistry courses. During the fall semester of their junior year, students MUST APPLY for admission to St. John's Hospital School of Clinical Laboratory Science.This secondary application is competitive, and enrollment at Benedictine does not guarantee acceptance to the St. John's clinical education program.

Medical Laboratory Science description (in process - pending IBHE and administrative approval)

Vascular Sonography (transfer program)

Sonography is a non-invasive technique using sound waves to image many areas of the body for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Vascular sonography is a specialized radiology field focusing on assessing and detecting abnormalities in arteries and veins in all areas of the body except the heart.

The vascular sonography curriculum includes rigorous lab-based science courses, and is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive body of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the communication skills necessary for a successful transition to Rush University's (Chicago) Vascular Ultrasound B.S. program. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA while enrolled at Benedictine University at Springfield. Students MUST APPLY for admission to Rush University's program no later than January 1st of their last year at Benedictine. This secondary application is competitive, and enrollment at Benedictine does not gaurantee acceptance to Rush's Vascular Ultrasound program.

Pre-Sonography description

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