Welcome to the Division of Arts and Letters

The Division of Arts & Letters offers multiple degrees, minors, concentrations, and a variety of general education courses. We offer Bachelor's Degrees in Communication Arts and Writing & Publishing—with minors in Fine Arts, Communication Arts, and Literature, and concentrations in Sports Journalism, Creative Writing, and Film Studies.

The Arts and Letters faculty consists of seven full-time professors and several adjunct instructors who are active in their profession as published authors, writers, artists, or performers in the Springfield community and beyond.

The programs offered by the Division of Arts and Letters prepare students for graduate school as well as for careers in web-based creative companies, newspapers, magazines, the music industry, radio, marketing (with special focus on sports marketing and social marketing companies). Our students excel in positions where excellent writing and communication skills are essential.

To learn more about academic programs in the Division of Arts & Letters click on the links below:

Communication Arts (B.A. and Minor)
Writing & Publishing
(B.A. and Minor)
Fine Arts
Areas of Concentrations: Sports Communications, Creative Writing, Film Studies

We would be delighted to visit with prospective students while on campus and tour our Communication and Arts Studios or answer any questions you may have about opportunities at our growing and exciting campus.

Contact us with any Questions
Debra Parker
Division Chair, Arts & Letters
Benedictine University at Springfield
1500 North Fifth Street Springfield, Illinois 62702
Office: Brinkerhoff Home 205

Deb Antoine
Lead Faculty Communication Arts

David Logan
Lead Faculty Writing & Publishing

Marianne Stremsterfer
Lead Faculty Fine Arts