It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge

Albert Einstein

As Chair of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, it is my pleasure to extend warm greetings to you and offer an invitation to explore our Web pages to learn more about our major educational opportunities in the areas of psychology, history, criminal justice, sociology and theology. Our faculty members bring a wealth of experience to share with you in the classroom and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about the subject matter. A high value is placed on delivering a distinct, friendly, and productive environment to expand your intellectual potential.

Alonzo DeCarlo Ph.D., M.S.W
Chair, Social & Behavioral Sciences


The Social and Behavioral Sciences comprises elements of art, history, literature, music, philosophy, religion and theology into course presentation.  Humanities electives are focused on recognition of the human condition that fosters a comprehensive awareness and perspective, an understanding of the human capacity for reason and the history of experience, and evaluation of issues related to civic and ethical responsibilities and cultural sensitivities. Our division draws together an interdisciplinary group of professors working across the fields of psychology, anthropology, criminal justice, history, political science, and sociology. Social and behavioral science courses examine disciplines which are theoretically based and employ scientific methods to study human conditions. 

Bachelors degrees are offered in:

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