Health Science

Why study health science at Benedictine University at Springfield?

If you are interested in a career related to health care and want a challenging yet flexible academic preparation, this may be the appropriate major for you. The program offers a curriculum that includes a strong foundation in the physical and life sciences as well as a significant liberal arts core. This curriculum is designed to give you the content area knowledge and the quantitative problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills required of those working in health care. This major helps prepare you for application to many health-related professional programs, including physical/occupational therapy, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry, chiropractic and veterinary medicine, as well as related graduate programs. Before applying to these professional programs, you are encouraged to choose a practicum experience where you will spend a semester working directly with professionals in the health career field in which you intend to work.

What does the health science core consists of?

  • Biology - Introduction to Cell Biology with lab (4 semester hours) and Biological Organisms and Ecology with lab (4 semester-hours)
  • Chemistry - two semesters of General Chemistry with lab (8 credit hours) and two semesters of Organic Chemistry with lab (8 semester-hours)
  • Biochemistry - one semester of Biochemistry (3 semester-hours)
  • Physics - two semesters of College Physics with lab (8 semester-hours)
  • Math - Either Trigonometry (3 semester-hours) or Calculus I (5 semester-hours)
  • Upper-level science elective - 33 semester-hours of specified and approved elective courses including at least 9 total hours of 300-level courses
  • Health Science Practicum elective - one semester clinical experience (recommended during junior year) working with professionals in field of interest
  • Total of 120 semester-hours are required to graduate – Minimum of 68 semester-hours of this total are required within this major, all of which must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher

How does the program work?

While completing the required science/math courses and broadening your educational experience with a strong liberal arts core, you will be working directly with faculty and advisors in preparation for your application to a professional program. Our campus has a dedicated Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Programs who will work directly with you to help you identify the appropriate professional program, and to help meet professionals in your field of interest as part of the practicum experience. As you near completion of the major, you will work directly with a group of qualified faculty as part of the Health Sciences Recommendation Committee to evaluate your qualifications and give you feedback on your application materials.