Why study history at Benedictine?

Benedictine offers you the following opportunities:

  • a broad liberal arts education
  • preparation to work and live in an increasingly complex world
  • an understanding of the past, which is useful in all careers
  • exposure to a wide perspective by studying many historical areas, periods and opinions
  • the opportunity to develop critical skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis
  • the ability to organize a great deal of data in useful form
  • the opportunity to practice the historian’s craft through primary researc
  • the development of writing and researching skills

How does the program work?

If you major in History, you will take the following specified courses: the American History sequence, Converging
Hemispheres, Historiography and submission of a senior research paper, as well as seven courses selected from a variety of eras and areas. The sequence courses provide a broad background to the field of history. Historiography introduces students to the methods and theories of actually “doing” history. The senior research paper enables students to research a specific area. The remainder of the student’s course work comes from the department’s other offerings.

Why a History major?

History, by itself or in combination with a minor in another area such as business or communications, will provide you with both the skills and the adaptability to pursue a wide variety of careers. The History major is ideally suited for students planning to go on to law school. Many history students go on to become high school or college teachers. You may qualify for a variety of scholarships that are designated for minors and majors.

What careers have our history graduates pursued

  • Archivist/curator
  • Editor/author/journalist
  • Genealogist
  • Teacher, social studies
  • Professor
  • Document restorer
  • Attorney
  • Congressional district aide
  • Management consulting partner
  • Chairperson of high school social studies department
  • Law librarian
  • Dentist
  • Financial analyst/banker/stock broker
  • Public relations director
  • Project director social services
  • Foreign services officer
  • Director state historical society