Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered by Benedictine University on the Springfield College campus prepares students for managerial roles in corporate and human service organizations. By conveying practical knowledge and essential skills in such areas as management, accounting, economics, finance, strategy and marketing, the Benedictine MBA readies students for the demands of contemporary business leadership in a complex and uncertain business environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MBA Programs at Benedictine University is to provide men and women with a collaborative educational experience that imparts superior management skills and best practices while instilling a sense of responsible and personal commitment to continuously improving the leadership of organizations.

The MBA Program

The MBA was the first graduate program at Benedictine University,
beginning over 30 years ago. The MBA is the largest graduate program at Benedictine University, providing a challenging professional degree program for working adults. The MBA curriculum includes 16 courses, 13 required and three electives, totaling 64 quarter credit hours. Students can earn concentrations in Health Administration or Organizational Leadership.

Why an MBA degree?

  • The MBA is widely recognized as a powerful professional credential, in business and other organizations.
  • The MBA combines quantitative and qualitative courses to prepare you for the demands of contemporary business leadership.
  • The MBA conveys practical knowledge and competence, to better run organizations in a competitive environment.
  • The MBA refines your skills in finance, marketing, management, accounting, economics, organizational behavior, strategic planning and other aspects of organizations.
  • The MBA is a key factor for your career growth and leadership development.

Why enroll in our MBA degree program?

  • Weekend format meets every third weekend. Complete 64 credit hour degree program in 23 months.
  • Complete two courses in 4 weekends.
  • Learn to create and sustain excellence in management.
  • GMAT may be waived.
  • Scholarships available.