Why study theology at Benedictine?

Theology plays a particularly important role in the search for a synthesis of knowledge as well as in the dialogue between faith and reason. It serves all other disciplines in their search for meaning, not only by helping them to investigate how their discoveries will affect individuals and society, but also by bringing a perspective and an orientation not contained within their own methodologies. (Ex Corde Ecclesia §19)

When you choose to study theology at Benedictine University at Springfield, you become part of the Catholic, Benedictine tradition of a broad liberal education founded on a clear understanding of the relationship between faith and reason. This is the synthesis which is the basis of Western civilization, and the program gives you a broad preparation not just in understanding theology, but applying it to your life in the world and whatever profession you choose.

Theology at Benedictine is designed for people who want to pursue careers in law, business, education, science or
communications. It focuses on analyzing the foundational principles of Catholic theology and applying them to life choices in the 21st century.

Studying theology at Benedictine offers you the following opportunities:

  • Ideal student-to-faculty ratios
  • A small university community atmosphere
  • A highly dedicated and knowledgeable faculty

What careers are available with a Theology degree?

Theology is associated with ministry, and the program at Benedictine will prepare you to work in ministry or pursue a graduate program in theology. Theology is also relevant to any career that requires critical thinking, analysis, writing and teamwork. The major as presented at Benedictine relates theology to every aspect of lay life, politics, economics,
education and science, so your career choices are not limited by this major. You will also have 24 hours of electives
available to specialize in another field such as business or science.

The Theology program imparts to you the communication skills and general knowledge to succeed in a wide variety of careers. It will help you choose a good way to make a living as you construct a good human life.

How does the program work?

If you decide to study theology, you will begin with a series of courses which look at Catholic theology thematically. You will study the Theology of Love, Theology of Freedom, Theology of Justice and Faith and Reason. On this foundation you will choose upper-level courses that suit your interests and your proposed career choices. You have a wide choice of courses in the traditional areas of Catholic theology such as Scripture, Sacramental Theology, and will also take some specific Moral Theology courses. The program culminates in the Senior Seminar, Theology and Life, where the student examines theology in relation to one aspect of lay life (for example, the law or medicine).

The remainder of your courses will be chosen from the department’s offerings or other arts, humanities or science
offerings as you and your advisor agree.