Transfer Students

outside Dawson Hall
  •  Apply to Benedictine University at Springfield
    • Call the Admissions Office at 217-718-5001 and we will mail an application to you.
  • Request all official college/university transcripts to be mailed to:

    Benedictine University at Springfield, Admissions Office
    1500 N. 5th St.
    Springfield, IL  62702
    • If less than 20 transferable credits earned, request your official High School Transcripts, official ACT or SAT scores to Benedictine University at Springfield.
  • Your admission representative may request additional materials if you did not meet the minimum admission requirements.  You may be asked to submit:
    • A personal statement
    • Letter of reference by an academic or professional contact.
  • Once your completed application has been received and reviewed an admissions representative will personally contact you by phone with your admission status.


Benedictine University at Springfield’s admission philosophy is to select students who will perform successfully in the University’s academic programs and actively participate in University life.  We offer a rolling admission into all of our traditional undergraduate programs, meaning applications are accepted and admission decisions are made throughout the year without deadline restrictions. Prospective transfer students should accept the offer of admission and pay the deposit no later then May 1.

Students transferring into Benedictine University at Springfield’s traditional undergraduate programs must have:

  • A minimum of 20 transferable hours
    • if a student has fewer than 20 semester hours of transfer credits, freshmen requirements apply
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.0/4.0
  • No previous academic probation or academic dismissal

Personal Statement
A student may need to submit a minimum one page personal statement.  The topic of this personal statement is “What are your academic strengths and how will they help you at Benedictine?”  The personal statement is meant to be a reflection of past academic coursework as well as your writing ability.  It is necessary that you provide all relevant information about your academic performance and high school experience.

Admissions Committee
The Admission Committee looks for well-rounded students who will be successful and contribute to the Benedictine University at Springfield community.

If you have any specific questions about admission requirements, your personal statement or the Admission committee, please contact admissions at 217-718-5001.

  1. Stock up on Benedictine University Gear
  2. Pay your deposit to secure your registration and/or housing at Benedictine University at Springfield
  3. Call your Admissions Representative to schedule placement testing and Advising Appointment
    1. For more information on how to prepare for Placement Testing, visit the Academic Advising page
  4. If you have not already done so, add Benedictine University at Springfield to your FAFSA
    1. The Benedictine University school code is 001767
    2. Make sure you save and submit the changes, after adding the school code
  5. Submit a completed health form to the Admissions Office by August 1st
  6. If necessary, submit an official transcript with final grades for the classes in which you are currently enrolled.  If you do not submit an official transcript with these grades, you will not get credit for this coursework.
  7. Kick off the new year with Benedictine Beginnings and Convocation
  8. Attend your first class as a Benedictine University at Springfield Bulldog!

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5 Easy Steps to Attending Benedictine University at Springfield
  1. Campus Visit
  2. Apply and send transcripts
  3. Submit Financial Aid - FAFSA (001767)
  4. Become a Bulldog and Submit Deposit
  5. Register for classes