"We are not powerless to make a difference to the future of our families, our communities, our organizations, and our world. We have always brought forth the future through webs of personal commitments born through human conversation. By choosing to focus on questions worth asking we are changing the conversation. As we change the conversation, we are beginning to change our common future." - Juanita Brown, Co-developer of the World Cafe'.

What is the Campus Cafe'?

The Campus Cafe' (based on the World Cafe') is an approach for large groups to use in sharing dialogue and ideas and produce an overall summary statement about how the group thinks, feels and believes about issues that are important to them. It relies on the willingness of individuals to share fully and candidly about their personal perspective of the question at-hand.

Cafe' Resources

See below for current information and documents related to our campus conversations.


When is the Next Campus Cafe'?

Tuesday, April 29th
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Angela Hall Gymnasium
(Refreshments and socializing at 2:30pm)

Campus Cafe Archives

Graphics used with permission from World Cafe.