Learning Outcomes

Cooperative Education at Benedictine University is an approach to higher education that is founded on a partnership among the student, their employer and the University. Each participant plays an active role in shaping, guiding, and assessing a student’s progress toward academic and career goals.

These outcomes are linked strongly to the Benedictine hallmarks upon which the University’s entire Cooperative Education curriculum is based. A Benedictine University at Springfield Cooperative Education graduate will be distinguished by their ability to collaborate with others and influence work teams with whom they associate.

While individual Cooperative Education students develop and work toward learning goals specific to their fields of interest and work opportunities, here are the general learning outcomes that shape the University’s expectations of our students who participate in Cooperative Education:

Emphasizing these Benedictine Values, Our Cooperative Education students will: Through their work placement and this curriculum:
Personal Hallmarks:

Develop Character

Develop Workplace Competencies

Think Analytically

COED 300 – Foundations of Leadership

(3 credits: Counts toward general education electives) Course content will focus on preparing students to present their strengths, abilities and skills to an employer.

COED 301 – Interdisciplinary Seminar in Contemporary Issues

(3 credits: Meets requirements for an interdisciplinary seminar, Learning Community 1 and is writing intensive (WI)) Students will identify, research and discuss emerging legal, social, political and personal issues facing employees and employers.

Collaborative Hallmarks:



Act Strategically

COED 390 Problem Solving Strategy and Workplace Portfolio I

(3 credits to count toward major electives.)
In teams, students are introduced to the process of research and analysis necessary to develop solutions for complex problems. They will begin to list projects and outcomes associated with the work done for their employer.

COED 391 Problem Solving Strategy and Workplace Portfolio II

(3 credits to count toward major electives.)
This course continues to train students in teams as they develop expertise and skill in the design of solutions to complex problems. They will complete their work in the Workplace Portfolio.

 Outcomes Worksheet

The heart of Cooperative Education is the collaboration among students, faculty and employers in the identification, development and attainment of learning outcomes in every work experience.

As the student contributes to the employer's pursuit of their strategic objectives, they accomplish specific learning outcomes. These are the elements upon which the student's work is evaluated and frame the work experience. 

Click here to view and download a Learning Outcomes worksheet.