Students Grow in Co-op

Your path to discovering your purpose begins with a Cooperative Education experience.

Cooperative Education is not an internship – it's an apprenticeship: a unique opportunity for accelerated career success through structured, real-world training and coaching.

Top 5 Reasons Cooperative Education WORKS for Students

  1. You’ll gain valuable workplace skills with a top employer in the Springfield area.
  2. Cooperative Education provides a working world context for you to apply what you learn in the classroom – which makes you a better problem-solver and more marketable employee.
  3. Cooperative Education pays! Positions are compensated and you will receive academic credit.
  4. Cooperative Education gives you a context to apply and better understand classroom learning.
  5. Nationally, nearly 56% of Cooperative Education students were offered full-time positions, and more than 43% were retained by the employer five years later. (Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers: "2014 Internship and Co-op Survey Report")

How to Apply for Cooperative Education

Students should apply for Cooperative Education in their sophomore year at Benedictine (or as part of the transfer process if transferring from another institution) and use the Cooperative Education Application found on the website. A faculty recommendation is required as part of the application process, and students who are applying should complete the top portion of the faculty application and email the remainder to the faculty whom they have selected to provide the recommendation.

Get Great Experience
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Cooperative Education Employer Partners

Our list of Cooperative Education employer partners continues to grow. Click here to see a current roster.

Entrance Requirements
  1. Full-time Benedictine University at Springfield student
  2. Junior standing
  3. 3.0 GPA or greater.
  4. Faculty recommendation
  5. Able to work up to 20 hours per week.
  6. Completed Cooperative Education application.
  7. Involvement in extracurricular activities on-campus is highly encouraged.