Cooperative Education

Through Cooperative Education, Benedictine is blending the resources of the academic world and the business community to create students who are truly prepared for life.

Academic Achievement. Professional Practice.


A Cooperative Education experience provides students with practical work experience that helps them become stronger students and more valuable employees. We are connecting employers that believe in social investment with a high-impact opportunity … that is profitable too!

Why Cooperative Education WORKS for Employers

Top Talent. Augment your team with the best and brightest our community has to offer, and maintain a pipeline of new talent.

Cost Effective. Recruiting Cooperative Education students cost significantly less than recruiting recent college graduates. A Cooperative Education experience may last up to two consecutive years, which allows for projects of greater longevity and complexity.

Community Impact. Cooperative Education builds relationships between schools and businesses that will keep Benedictine instructors informed of current trends in business and industry.

Visibility. Raise the profile of your business within our campus community as an employer of choice, and within the larger community as a company that cares. Learn more about other experiential learning opportunities at Benedictine.

How We Make it Easy for Employers

No Nonsense.We understand that the days are busy, and so we have created a simple process for your participation that frees you from bureaucracy and helps you focus on your Cooperative Education student and they value they bring to your team. Just a few, easy steps over the course of a semester. Our brief checklist summarizes your important role. Review it below.

Employer Partner Checklist

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In 2012, nearly 50% of employers who participated in cooperative education made full-time offers to student workers.*

* Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers: “2013 Internship and Co-op Survey Report “

More than 70% of employers who hired student workers had retained them five years later.*

* Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers: “2013 Internship and Co-op Survey Report “

Cooperative Education Employer Partners

Our list of Cooperative Education employer partners continues to grow. Click here to see a current roster.

Bradley J. Warren

Executive Director, Office of Cooperative Education
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Benedictine University at Springfield

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