Springfield: Given Outstanding Post-Secondary Program Award

December 14, 2012

Benedictine University at Springfield received an award from the Illinois Statewide Transition Conference 2012 for Outstanding Post-Secondary Program. This award was given to a college or vocational program that has done an outstanding job of providing education and services for students with all disabilities and helps their students achieve their goal of higher education.

Susy Woods, chair of the Illinois State Advisory Council for the Education of Students with Disabilities, nominated Benedictine University at Springfield for the award. Woods wrote the following in her nomination:

"Benedictine University at Springfield is a small private college that is doing an excellent job of supporting students with disabilities, even students with more significant disabilities such as autism. Several students have shared with me the positive success they had had there after struggling and/or failing at other colleges. Their success seems to stem from the fact that the professors at Benedictine seem to see working with students with disabilities as just another way to support students in the classroom and they seem to be very willing to do this. Since Benedictine is a private college they have only been obliged to provide this support for the last few years but they have really jumped right in and provided the kind of support that these students need to be successful and are indeed a good role model for other colleges to show that students with disabilities can be very successful in post secondary programs."

Woods presented a plaque to staff members of the Resource Center at Benedictine University at Springfield that included Sonja Bowers, Ray Jun Sun and Amy Sayre-Roberts.

The Resource Center offers guidance and direction in developing professional goals, targeting lifelong learning desires and pursuing service activities. The Resource Center works with students, faculty and other campus personnel in a cooperative effort to find appropriate solutions to individual disability needs. Disability support is provided for students with permanent or temporary disabilities, whether "hidden" or visible, including physical and learning disabilities. This information is kept in strict confidence and has no effect on admission to the University.