Benedictine hosts Public Health seminar on the Affordable Care Act

September 10, 2013

Springfield, Illinois ~ Benedictine University at Springfield will host a one day seminar to discuss cross-sector dynamics between the public health and medical sectors resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The seminar will be held Friday, September 13, 2013 at the Chiara Retreat Center. The event is scheduled between 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with topics that include Public Health and Medical Community Interface: The ACA Opportunity, the Role of Technology in Making the ACA Work, Public Health Education, and Something New Every Day: Recent Developments in Public Health.

Presenters and panelists for the seminar include Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, David Gill, M.D., along with Georgeen Polyak, Ph.D., Benedictine University, Michael C. Jones, Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services, Gary T. Robinson, Deputy Director -O.F.A., Illinois Department of Public Health, James D. Stone, M.A., C.P.H.A., Director, Sangamon County Department of Public Health, Elizabeth Bormann, M.P.H., Benedictine University, David Graham, M.D., Ryan Lewis, Hospital Sisters Health System, and David Graham, M.D., CIO, Memorial Health System.

The ACA is a complex law that has received lots of attention because of the financing element contained in it and the impact on payment mechanisms. A lesser discussed nature of the law is the focus on population health. The focus of the seminar is on the hope of ACA represents for population health.

Key concepts contained in the ACA are issues of delivering a higher level of health to the US population thereby eventually reducing the cost of medical care to the entire community. Few could argue against a healthier population, but making that the focus of our health care delivery system is a major shift in paradigm. The public health sector and medical community have been after the same goal of a healthier population but with different approaches. Public health institutes programs like immunizations, clean water, mental health support and wellness for low income families, just to name a few. The medical community has developed almost miraculous methods to make sick individuals well. A partnership between these two sectors has the potential to bring health and well-being to a whole new level in the United States.

This goal is not without its challenges. But none of it can be accomplished without dialogue and collaboration. Through sponsorship of this program and the launch of a Master of Public Health degree, Benedictine is staying true to one of the hallmarks makes us Benedictine - involvement and services to the community in which we exist.

Limited seating is still available for this important program. Registration and additional information is available by contacting Janet A. Kirby, Ph.D., Benedictine University at Springfield at


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