How do I set up my MyBenU account?

You will first begin the setup by creating a password on the Account Login page. Click on "Student password reset" and fill in your personal information. Once you have created a password, you can access your MyBenU account.

How do I find my schedule?

You have access to your schedule through your MyBenU account. Once you are logged into MyBenU, click on self-service→enrollment→view schedule.

Why is there a hold on my account?

Holds are placed on student records when action is required. Please view the following holds to determine which action is required of you.

  • Advising Hold- You need to meet with your advisor before registration
  • Financial Hold- You have a remaining balance on your account
  • High School- You need to turn in your final high school transcript with a graduation date
  • Health Service- You need to turn in your immunization record
  • Library- Please see the library staff

Why is my MyBenU account continuously loading?

If your MyBenU page is continuously loading you might need to click the compatibility view icon in the URL textbox.

compatibility mode diagram

What is a permission number?

A permission number is a six-digit code given by the division chair that will allow registration if there is a pre-requisite issue, departmental consent is required, or a closed class. Please indicate which subject you need the permission number for and email the appropriate division chair.

How does withdrawing from a course affect me?

For traditional program courses, students have until the end of the first week of classes to

add or drop a course. After that point, a student can withdraw with a grade of "W" from a

class up to the end of the 12th week of classes for a 15-week course. The grade of a "W" does not affect GPA but may impact financial aid eligibility.

How do I check my grades at the end of the semester?

Your grades will be posted to your MyBenU account at the end of every semester. You can check your grades by going to your MyBenU account and clicking on self-serive→enrollment→view my grades. 

What is my email address?

You can access your Benedictine email by going to the Account Login page and click on "Office 365 email login." Your email address is your "B" and your identification number followed by For example


What is a syllabus?

A syllabus acts as a contract for the course. The professor will distribute the course syllabus usually on the first day of class. A typical syllabus includes the contact information for the professor, a course description, course assignments, and examination dates. Make sure to keep all syllabi throughout your college experience.

How do I contact my professor?

Your professor has his/her contact information on the course syllabus. You can also look for contact information on our Faculty and Staff Directory.  

Who should I contact if I am having a problem with my professor?

If you are having difficulties in a course, you should first discuss them with the professor. If the issue was not resolved, you should speak with your academic advisor for further assistance.



How can I find out what is required for my major?

You can learn about your program requirements by accessing the academic catalog or by looking at your major checklist. All checklists are posted to the advising page. Additionally, all minor requirements can be found in the academic catalog.

How do I change my major?

You can change your major by filling out the Change of Academic Program form. Once completed, you will take the form to your current advisor so he/she can sign the form. Your current advisor will discuss your new program of study and if necessary, get you in contact with your new advisor.

How many credits are required to graduate?

Students must complete 120 credit hours to be eligible for graduation as well as meet all course requirements and maintain a GPA of at least a 2.0. Any course number under 100 does not apply towards graduation hours.