Non-Degree Seeking Students

What is a non-degree seeking student?

A student-at-large (SAL) is either a full- or part-time student who does not have degree status and is ineligible for any financial assistance.  The SAL is taking courses for his or her own enrichment and is not working toward a degree at Benedictine University. Interested persons may contact the Advising Office.

What is the cost?

Please refer to the Current Tuition Information to determine the cost of the course. Students who are taking a course as a student at large do not receive financial assistance to pay for the course.

Where do I begin?

Please refer to the Course Schedule to select the course(s) you are interested in taking. Please fill out the Student at Large Undergraduate Registration Form and submit it to the Academic Advising Office. The Advising Office may request transcripts to verify pre-requisites or require a COMPASS placement exam.