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Starting Your 4 Year Career Development Plan

Planning and Strategizing for Success. Your career goals should involve a plan and having a strategy, we recommend using the 4 Year Career Development Plan as a guide to helping you reach your goals.

Understanding Self. The first step to a fulfilling career is identifying your interests, skills, and values. Take the Focus Assessment to narrow down our list of Academic Programs to those that fit your strengths. The Career Development Office is available to discuss results and will supply the required code for the assessment. 

Getting Involved. It is crucial to be an active participant in the classroom but also outside of the classroom. Join one or more of our Clubs & Organizations this will give you a start to building connections with other students and developing leadership skills. Volunteering is also important, allowing for the development of community connections and references that will prove helpful upon graduation. Campus Ministry, Career Development, and Student Activities can connect you with opportunities.

Staying Academically Focused. Establish yourself as a reliable and hardworking student. Many of the opportunities you will have throughout your academic career will be affected by not only your grade point average, but also your reliability and work ethic. 

Creating your Marketplace Profile. The Marketplace is a great tool to post your resumé and apply to jobs, internships, and cooperative education opportunities posted by employers. Create your account as it serves as a great place to store your job search materials and connects you with potential employers.