Junior - Professional Practice

Starting your Professional Practice.  Let's put those classroom concepts and theories to the test by starting your Professional Practice Opportunity. Not only will you be able to show employers you have practice in your field of study, you will also get to experience what working in your field will be like.  Make the most of your opportunity by networking and building relationships with those you work with. 

Reviewing your Resumé. Now that you have a professional practice experience, it needs to be added to your resumé along with the volunteering and Student Activities you have been engaged in. Once you have updated your resumé to reflect these changes, add the updated version to your Marketplace profile for potential employers to see.  

Your Full-Time Job Search Agent. While graduation may still be a year away it is important to take the next step in locating potential occupations that match your chosen field of study. Utilize the Marketplace Job Agent Tool to personalize and manage the jobs you will receive information about.  

Applying to Graduate School. Graduate school can be an important piece to reaching your goals. Your junior year is a great point in your academic career to begin researching graduate schools that offer the subject you wish to study. The GRE  or Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test that is often an admissions requirement for most graduate schools. You may also need to ask faculty to write letters of recommendation on your behalf, so be active in your classes and get to know your faculty.