Senior - Employability Readiness

Updating your Resumé. With your Professional Practice Opportunity completed, add your newly acquired skills and knowledge to your resumé in The Marketplace.

Updating your Contact Information. Leaving college means a change in address. Make sure employers have current contact information for you by updating your profile in The Marketplace. Also, make sure your resumé and cover letter contact information is current.

Networking. You have earned your degree so start connecting with professionals in your field. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other professionals. Along with LinkedIn, joining state and national professional organizations is a great way to keep you informed of industry trends. Make sure your profile is complete and professional in appearance.

Applying For Jobs. Graduation is in May but that does not mean you have to wait until then to begin applying to jobs. The Marketplace Job Agent will be your guide to managing and customizing the type of jobs you want to know about and apply to.

Post Graduate Survey. Now that you have graduated remember that as alumni you will still have access to The Marketplace. We would also appreciate your completion of our Post Graduate Survey. This provides us feedback on the process, and lets us share the successes of our Bulldogs.