Sophomore - Connect

Deciding. Now that you have an understanding of your strengths and areas of interest you are ready to declare your major with confidence. Review our Academic Programs and contact your advisor to officially declare your major.  

Planning your Professional Practice. You have declared your major and have been studying about the career you are pursuing, but showing an employer you also have professional practice in your chosen field is vital. Schedule an appointment with the Career Development Office to plan your Professional Practice Opportunity for your Junior or Senior year. *This can count as academic credit.

Creating your Resumé. You have been compiling a portfolio of work that we can now utilize to create a resume that reflects your progress towards your career of choice.  To help you get started utilize our Resumé Purpose Handbook and Resumé Worksheet to help put together your work history and job descriptions.  Utilize our Cover Letter Handbook to craft your cover letter as most employers will require one.  

Building your Marketplace. Upload your created documents into The Marketplace. This will be beneficial in applying to employer opportunities as you prepare for your professional practice opportunity or entering the workplace upon graduation. Finding a summer job that gives you exposure to your chosen field will really boost your resumé.