Learning Success Plan

What is a Learning Success Plan (LSP)?

A Learning Success Program is more than tutoring. The LSP covers academic subjects, social, and study skills. Students who would like to have recurring learning appointments with our experienced tutors and/or Learning Specialists may self identify for an LSP.

Who is eligible to participate at the LSP?

The LSP is for any student who wants to improve performance and mine hidden potential.

Why should I join the LSP?

A Learning Success Program will give you unlimited improvement on your academic performance, as well as time management and organizational skills. As a student, you will work closely with our designated tutors and/or Learning Specialists to design and plan your learning success plan.

How will the LSP work?

Students who are interested to participate in LSP will bring their class schedules to the Resource Center (lower level of Becker Library). A designated tutor and/or Learning Specialist will schedule weekly appointments through the semester. Our tutors/Learning Specialist will also work closely with professors regarding any topics related to students' learning process.

Call the Resource Center at (217) 718-5007 for more information


We are located in the lower level of Becker Library.

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