Procedure for Requesting Accommodations

  1. Contact Special Services as early in the semester as possible.
  2. Complete the Request for Accommodations Form.
  3. Provide documentation of the disability.
  4. The disability documentation is reviewed by the Accommodations Review Committee.
  5. If accommodations are approved an "Accommodations Card" is issued to the student.
  6. It is the student's responsibility to show their Accommodations Card and discuss their accommodations with their instructors.
  7. In the event accommodations are denied, the student can petition the Academic Grievance Committee. 

Accommodations are based on each individual's documentation and circumstances.  Some of the more common services granted are: 

  • Extended Testing Time
  • Separate and quiet testing space
  • Note taking assistance
  • Books and materials in alternate formats
  • Learning Success Plan-Individualized action plan towards improved academic experience.   

To request an appointment or for further information please contact Sonja Bowers, Coordinator of Special Services 217-717-9253 or email