Policies for Proctoring Tests

The following are steps for providing testing services for students at Benedictine:

  1. The student is required to schedule his or her test with the Coordinator at least 24 hours (not to include weekend hours) prior to the time he or she wishes to take the exam.
  2. The student is required to request his or her professor to provide a copy of the test to the Coordinator prior to the date of the exam.
  3. Faculty will fill out the online request to proctor form or download the physical form and email or hand deliver it with attached test to:
  4. Coordinator of Special Services: Sonja Bowers
    Location: Resource Center-L30

    Email: sbowers@ben.edu
    Phone: 217-277-9253

  5. The test will be securely stored in the Coordinator's office.
  6. Prior to starting the examination, students must first check-in with the Coordinator.
  7. Students are allowed to take only designated materials into the testing room.
  8. Students must leave all personal items including, purses, cell phones, etc. with the Coordinator.
  9. Upon completion of the exam the student will return the completed test to the Coordinator.
  10. Completed exams will be securely stored in the Coordinator's office for retrieval by the professor unless otherwise arranged.