Benedictine University Mentorship Program (BUMP)

Are you wondering what you want to do after graduation . . . and with the rest of your life?

Maybe you have some questions about what your options are with the major you've chosen, what a certain industry or occupation is like, or how to get where you want to go. Perhaps you'd like to talk to someone and get some advice from a professional who's working in an area you're curious about. Maybe finding a mentor is just the thing you need to get a jump start and a BUMP in the right direction.

Undergraduate students: This is your chance to get to know a mentor–an alumna or alumnus of Benedictine University, a parent of a Benedictine student, or another member of the community who's experienced in a professional area that interests you.

Developing a relationship with a mentor can . . .

  • Give you insight into a potential career, and help you understand how you might fit within a certain work environment;
  • Provide you with great opportunities to network and engage with the professional world;
  • Allow you to engage in meaningful conversation and participate in events with your mentor that encourage your professional development and personal growth.

General expectations include the following:

  • Get Connected with your mentor at a kick-off Meet and Greet event here on campus.
  • Communicate about once a month throughout the academic year (or a minimum of six times over the course of two semesters).
  • Attend at least one event per semester with your mentor, such as a networking event on campus or at another location decided upon by you and you mentor.
  • Keep a monthly log of activity. Register through the Benedictine Virtual Career Center where you can check off conversations and activities completed.
  • Submit activity log to your mentor at the end of each semester so they can "sign off" on it for you.
  • Submit your signed log to Career Development (once at the end of the semester).
  • Write a one-page reflection after two semesters working with one mentor.
  • Complete a short survey about the experience. (Survey will be provided.)

Stay tuned for more details on how to register and get paired up with a mentor!

Interested in becoming a mentor? See the Alumni Development page for details and to submit an interest form.


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