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The BVCC is exclusive just for Benedictine students and alumni with opportunities ranging from full-time, part-time, internships, career fairs, networking events and more in the new Benedictine University Virtual Career Center. Please follow the links below to register today!

Employers can post a position, interview or recruit on-campus, view resume books, participate in our job fairs, and offer student internships

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Career Development at Benedictine University provides job search assistance to students and alumni seeking full-time, part-time, and internship positions. Benedictine is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity: therefore, students are referred without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, or national origin. We also expect employers to subscribe to this policy and will not provide referrals based on discriminating criteria.


The ISCPA On-line Career Center links college students and alumni with employers. ISCPA is a statewide consortium made up of 23 colleges and universities throughout Illinois for internships and degree seeking full-time opportunities. ISCPA also offers exclusive career fairs and other events throughout the school year.

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On-Campus Interviewing and Recruiting
On-Campus Interviewing allows employers to meet with a wide range of Benedictine students and alumni in a private interview environment. At least six weeks notice must be given for an interview date to be advertised. (100% Commission based positions cannot utilize on-campus recruiting).
Email jdarnell@ben.edu to schedule an interviewing or recruiting session.

Three options are available for student/alumni contact, allowing for the needs and wishes of all employers to be met:

  • Prescreened Interviews: Allows employers to choose the number of candidates to be interviewed based on prior review of available resumes.
  • Consortium Interviewing: Benedictine's Career Development Office is a member of the Illinois Small College Placement Association (ISCPA). This group enables employers to interview students on Benedictine's campus and provides them with resumes from 25 small colleges and universities in Illinois from which to choose.
  • Cafeteria Visits: Employers have the opportunity for brief encounters with a large number of students.


Career Development sponsors various job fairs throughout the year. Check our Coming Events page for details.


Stay up to date on the employer policy for U.S. Department of Labor and Wage Hour Division Facts for student interns. 

An internship is a practical work experience that helps students bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. An internship experience allows students an opportunity to apply the knowledge, theories and skills acquired through their Benedictine education. The internship program encourages students to develop professional skills in their chosen career field while providing the valuable work experience needed in an economically competitive world.

Internship Goals
Improving the student’s understanding of the application and practicality of the theory and principals of his or her chosen discipline.

  • Complementing the academic component of development through exposure to new topics in a non-classroom atmosphere.
  • Exposing students to the realities of the employer-employee relationship and preparing for an effective post-graduation experience.
  • Encouraging the development and maturation of the student so as to achieve a more successful, rewarding and meaningful life.

Qualifications of Interns
All prospective interns have completed a significant amount of coursework and have the academic foundation needed to make a positive contribution to any company or organization. To qualify for participation in Benedictine’s internship program, a student must:

  • Be enrolled in the University with degree or certificate seeking status for the duration of the internship program.
  • Meet the academic requirements set forth by the sponsoring academic department.
  • Have completed 60 academic credit hours.

Role of the Employer
As an internship supervisor, Benedictine University asks that the organization:

  • Recognize the uniqueness of each student and provide appropriate supervised experiences.
  • Assure safe, healthy working conditions.
    Contribute to the completion of the Learning Contract, outlining the goals and objectives of the student’s internship experience.
  • Provide feedback to the student regarding performance through the completion of a midterm and/or final evaluation process.
  • Meet with the student and the Internship Coordinator if termination of the internship is necessary.

Obtaining Academic Credit
All students have the option of registering and receiving academic credit for their internship experience. Credit is awarded in the ratio of one semester hour per every 50 hours worked on site and may range anywhere from two to six credit hours. However, six is the maximum amount of internship credit that may be counted toward graduation requirements. To obtain academic credit, students are expected to:

  • Keep a journal of the daily activities including reactions to what is being learned.
  • Submit a final research report related to the internship experience.
  • Evaluate the internship site, supervisor, and experience as a whole.
  • Be evaluated by the sponsor and the Faculty Internship Coordinator.

Internship Posting
Employers who are interested in participating in the Internship Program can:

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