A nontheistic religion founded on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, or the Buddha. The purpose of one’s life is found in attaining enlightenment. Buddhism stresses the importance of self-awareness and virtuous living.

Important Terms

Gassha: to place one's hands together in reverence
Osenko: to burn incense in offering to the Buddha

Important Religious Texts

Sutras are the collected sayings of the Buddha.


There are three denominations within Buddhism, and each focuses on a different aspect: right thought, right speech, and right action. Buddhism as a whole emphasizes the reality of suffering in life and the ability to transcend suffering through enlightenment.

Worship, prayer, and practice

Central to the Buddhist tradition is meditation. It is through the simple act of meditation that one may achieve enlightenment. Buddhists occasionally gather at temples, where the focus is either on silent meditation or teachings by a priest, monk, or nun. Also included in worship is chanting and offerings of incense.

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