Islamic Faith Basics
Islamic Faith Basics

Additional Islamic Values

Islam not only involves beliefs and worship, but it also covers the whole life of a person from birth to death, shaping one's character, responsibilities, duties, spiritual and daily life. The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was sent by God to humanity as the perfect example for our lives. By imitating him as best as possible, we expect to please God. This is a core value of the Islamic culture.


Muslims are required to cover their bodies and wear modest clothing. The exact type of dress is left to the individual and the culture in which Muslims live. Modesty is more than just clothing. Muslims should also be modest and humble in their actions and interactions.

Opposite sex relations

Premarital sex is not allowed in Islam. Some Muslims do not shake hands with the opposite sex and some do. If a Muslim does not shake hands with you, do not take it personally. It is not a sign of disrespect. It is an acknowledgement of modesty.

Halal-Zabiha Food

Pork products and alcohol consumption are forbidden for Muslims. Meat consumption in general has some restrictions and the limitations differ from one school of thought to another.

Faith Communities

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