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March 2018


Luba Baranivsky
Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life
Parent Programs
(630) 829-6124


Health Services

Top of the evenin’ to you from Student Health Services. Spring break is around the corner and we have a couple of reminders.

  1. Remind your students to check their Benedictine email for important messages regarding incomplete health information and Health Holds.
  2. Spring break is an opportunity to have fun, but please be safe.
    • 21 years of age is the legal age for alcohol consumption
    • Discuss safety concerns regarding alcohol consumption
    • Don’t leave your beverage unattended
    • Travel in pairs and look after one another
  3. Flu season should be ending, but the Center s for Disease Control (CDC) at the time of this writing is predicting an outbreak of influenza in the spring. Please get a flu shot for 2017-2018. A limited number of vaccines are available in Student Health Services. Cost is $20
  4. If you are traveling to the sunny south, please remember to use sunscreen with SPF 25 or greater. Follow the package instructions for the application and reapplication of the product.

Campus Ministry

March is the halfway point in the semester and our students are well into classes and co-curricular activities. On February 14th we celebrated Ash Wednesday and began our Christian Lenten journey. Students, faculty and staff were selected to reflect on provided readings from the Bible for each day during Lent. We then compiled these reflections into our own BenU Lenten Reflection book. It has been a great tool to journey closer to Christ through the wisdom shared by the BenU community. The Lenten Reflection book will carry us through until Easter, on April 1st. One of our favorite interfaith events happened in February – Couch Week! Students had the opportunity to sit on a couch in the busiest section of campus and simply talk with one another about faith. This program has helped our students understand one another more, build bridge across divides, and share about their own faith traditions. Lastly, looking ahead for the rest of the semester, we will continue to prepare for S.T.E.P. (Serving Together Engaging our Purpose) to Bolivia. It is our two and half week service experience to Sucre, Bolivia. This year Campus Ministry is taking 12 BenU students with the Diocese of Joliet. Students will spend time serving at a soup kitchen, three different daycares and a hospital. We are looking forward to continually walking with our students in their faith journey.


Upcoming Athletics home events

March 3
Men’s Lacrosse vs Elmhurst, 1pm

March 9
Men’s Volleyball vs Dominican, 4:30 pm
Men’s Volleyball vs Mount St. Joseph, 7:00 pm

March 14
Women’s lacrosse vs Indiana Tech, 4:00 pm

March 17
Women’s Lacrosse vs Loras, 1:00 pm
Men’s Lacrosse vs Aurora, 4:00 pm

March 26
Softball vs North Park (DH), 3:00 pm

March 28
Softball vs Elmhurst, (DH), 3:00 pm
Men’s Lacrosse vs Marian, 7:00 pm

March 30
Men’s Volleyball vs Lakeland, 7:00 pm

March 31
Softball vs Concordia Wisconsin (DH), 12:00 pm
Men’s Volleyball vs Marian, 1:00 pm
Men’s Volleyball vs Maranatha Baptist, 3:00 pm


Greetings from the Advising Center

Registration season is upon us as summer registration begins March 1st and fall registration will begin for students with senior standing on Tuesday April 3rd. In preparation for registration, is important that students take care of any holds they may have on their student account, as a hold will prevent registration from occurring. Please see below for the different types of holds students encounter, and where students can go for assistance:

  • Financial Hold - please contact Student Accounts or the Office of Financial Aid (located in Lownik Hall) for assistance
  • Advisor Hold - Students must meet with their academic advisor for an advising appointment for this hold to be removed
  • Health Service Hold - please visit Student Health Services (located in Krasa Center) to turn in your health forms to have this hold removed. The health form can be found at www.ben.edu/healthform
  • Library Hold - visit the Library’s circulation desk in the basement of Kindlon Hall

Please note that students must fill out a Release of Confidential Information Form for any academic or financial information to be disclosed to parents.

We also encourage students to meet with their professors for office hours, the peer tutoring center for tutoring (schedule can be found at www.ben.edu/ace) and with our Math, Writing or Science specialists for tutoring assistance.

Our advising staff is always available to assist students with any questions or concerns that students may have. Please don’t hesitate to visit www.ben.edu/advising or contact us at (630) 829-1120 or advisingcenter@ben.edu.

Parent & Family Engagement

Yvette Knox
Director of Parent & Family Engagement
(630) 829-1317

Lownik 202
5700 College Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532
8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.