Theater Club

Mission Statement

To serve as a creative outlet for Benedictine University students by promoting theater throughout campus. The Theater Club will perform several plays throughout the school year, aim to increase our members’ knowledge of theater and provide a chance for any Benedictine student to become involved in theater.


  • President: Claudia Rojas
  • Vice President: Jacob Tarlow
  • Treasurer: Joe Warhurst
  • Events Coordinator: Dimitri Karlos
  • Advisor: Joaquin Montero


Time: 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Frequency: Monday,Wednesday, Weekly
Location: Krasa Student Center, Engaged Learning Center, Krasa 050

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Joan Henehan
Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development
(630) 829-6617

Daniel Turano
Assistant Director of Leadership Development
(630) 829-6620

Katie Buell
Student Activities and Commuter Services Coordinator
(630) 829-6128