Students Organize for Syria (SOS)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to stand in solidarity with the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and human rights, to assist Syrians in their effort to build a self-determined and pluralistic society and to raise awareness of and help alleviate the humanitarian crisis currently taking place in Syria.


  • President: Yasmeen Kazkaz
  • Vice President: Ahmad Ahmad
  • Secretary: Iqra Majid
  • Treasurer: Danya Alzein
  • Public Relations: Ryan Hassoun
  • Events Coordinator: Aya Kassar
  • Advisor: Joel Ostrow


Time: 12:30-1:20 p.m.
Frequency: Wednesday, Monthly
Location: Kindlon Hall, Room 021

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Katie Buell
Student Activities and Commuter Services Coordinator
(630) 829-6128