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Tips for Preventing the "Freshman 15!"

1. Be Aware of Eating Habits: Study time and late night eating can greatly increase your chances for packing on the pounds.  That's why it is important to keep track of your diatary habits by eating at least 3 healthy meals and 2 small snacks each day around the same time to assure control over your calorie intake.

2. Follow the MyPlate Guidelines:  The USDA recommends filling half 50% of your plate with vegetables, 25% protein and the remaining 25% with whole-grains such as brown rice or whole-wheat bread.

3. Pay Attention to Liquid Calories: yummy flavored coffee and fruit smoothies can contain serious calories!  Unfortunately, they can go down too easily and the result is unwanted pounds. For those old enough to drink alcohol, keep in mind that this is a sure fire way to pacl on the pounds.

4. Plan for Cramming: Studies show that chewing sugar-free gum can reduce the need to nosh.  If you must eat, choose foods low in calories like fruits and vegetables.  However, if the munchies are calling for chips etc. buy single serving size bags to keep calories in check.

4. Exercise: Burning more calories than you take in equals your formula for weight-loss.  Additionally, physical activity improves mental focus, increases energy, and decreases stress.  What a perfect way to stay sane during exams!

5. Get Enough Sleep: Studies indicate a relationship between lack of sleep and weight gain.

6. Practice Time Management: Understanding and practicing time management will help reduce stress levels, thus, reducing the likelihood of weight gain.  Student Services provides a variety of suggestions!


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Description: According to the National Cancer Institute (2011), physical activity and good nutrition can help prevent some cancers.