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Academic Support Services

The Student Success Center provides a variety of academic support services for all student groups including Study Skills Workshops, Staff Learning Specialists, Instructional Assistants (IA), Peer Tutors, and Early Warning Notifications.  These services are free of charge to all students.

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Study Skills Workshops
Students can take advantage of a series of study skills workshops conducted each semester.

Staff Learning Specialists
Students may arrange for individual appointments with one of our Learning Specialists. Appointments can be made by contacting the learning specialists directly or by contacting the main office number at 630-829-6340. Students who need remote assistance should contact the learning specialists directly.

  • Our Math Learning Specialist, Ms. Hillary Holecek, assists students with all levels of math through Calculus II, as well as statistics and biostatistics. There are also many online math resources available.
  • Our Writing Learning Specialist, Ms. Anne Marie Smith, confers with students about the writing assignments including topic development, organization, writing style, citation, and revisions. There are also many online writing resources available at
  • Ms. Jennifer Golminas assists students with their study habits, time management, and test preparation strategies that are applicable to all courses. 
Study Sessions with Instructional Assistants (IA)
In cooperation with the academic departments, the Student Success Center offers Instructional Assistant (IA) sessions for a variety of courses that are held each semester. These sessions take place in the Lower Level of Krasa Center and help students clarify difficult concepts and prepare for quizzes and exams. They are led by instructional assistants who have successfully completed the course and have been identified by faculty members as individuals who possess both content knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge to fellow students. Subject areas that are typically supported by IA sessions include accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, physics, psychology and the humanities. The availability of and times of IA sessions vary by semester. For more information check the Spring 2016 Tutoring Schedule (as of April 11, 2016). 


Study Zone Peer Tutors
The Study Zone provides students with drop-in opportunities to receive additional help from peers in math and writing. Peer Tutors are available during the fall and spring semesters in the Lower Level of Krasa. For more information check the Spring 2016 Tutoring Schedule (as of April 11, 2016). 

as of April 11, 2016

Early Warning Notice System

The Early Warning Notice (EWN) system allows students to receive formal notice of attendance or performance issues that may impact their grade in a particular course. Notice is sent to the student's University e-mail account and the student's adviser. The Student Success Center runs regular EWN reports for athletic teams and campus residents and provides tutoring information to students who receive EWNs in classes supported by tutoring services. 

Student Life enhances the development of students as lifelong learners and leaders by supporting them throughout the progression of their academic careers.

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