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Unsure of how to format a business letter? memo? e-mail? Yes, that's right, a professional e-mail is different from a casual e-mail you send to a friend. A professional e-mail uses more formal language. A business text is also very different from a text you may send to a friend. For example, "text-speak" is not acceptable in the business world. The word "I" must be capitalized and apostrophes should be used. The word "you" is not spelled "u."

Not convinced? Think you'll never have to write again after you graduate? Watch these videos and find out the truth:

Many current students are not aware of business writing in general. Therefore, this list of resources has been assembled to provide much-needed information. You can also contact Anne Marie Smith, Writing Learning Specialist, for information about workshops available to Benedictine community members.

The St. Martin's Handbook as a Professional Writing Resource:
Many students own a copy of this handbook because it's required for WRIT 101, 102, and 104. There are three chapters particularly helpful in terms of business writing: 

  • Chapter 20: Formal and Informal Electronic Communication provides more detailed direction on writing emails, discussion lists, forums, (micro)blogs, social networking, and text messages. (Samples included.)
  • Chapter 21: Online Texts provides direction on writing for web pages, blogs, and wikis. (Samples included.)
  • Chapter 63: Writing for Business provides basic direction on writing memos, emails, letters, and resumes. (Samples included.) 

Related Books Available through the Benedictine University Library:
Visit the Library page and browse their holdings to find dozens of sources including:

Career Development Center Resources:
The Career Development Center is located in Krasa 012. They have many resources available as handouts and online :

Online Resources:
Other universities also have information about business writing that may be helpful:

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Student Life

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