Inspirational Opportunities

"I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh....and there were added that day about three thousand souls." - Acts of the Apostles 2.

To be inspired is to be moved to action.  It is to hear something, see something and learn something that goes beyond being interesting.  Inspiration makes the heart pound faster, the mind race, and the spirit say, "I must do something--now!"

When God wanted to change the world, love the world and inspire the world, he sent a human being.  He sent his Son into the world that the world would believe in him and change their ways.  Benedictine University Ministry lives to serve God so that he can inspire his people through us.

We offer reflections on the weekly Sunday Mass readings, minute meditations to give us a lift throughout the day, and are working on bringing faith partnering through online video.  All of these opportunities are meant to inspire.

We challenge all to hear the word of God spoken or written and to change our lives to live accordingly.

Our students represent a diverse spectrum of working professionals seeking to grow academically, personally and professionally. We offer a breadth of program options specifically designed for adult learners to develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills beyond specific discipline content.

Student Life

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