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Michael E. Komechak Art Gallery

Many suggestions were made as to the best possible use of the space on the 5th floor of Kindlon.  It is the highest point on campus, and provides a beautiful view of the campus and the area.  Maintaining its open architecture was a must and the one area in need of a space that would fit the bill of open architecture and honor the integrity of that special floor is the University's art collection.

Creating an Art Gallery on the 5th floor of Kindlon, gives the University the ability to exhibit art work that previously has remained hidden because of inappropriate gallery space.  It enables visitors from around the world to access and appreciate the career that was Father Michael's.  It enables us all to view on a regular basis this magnificent collection while enhancing and showcasing the University's liberal arts core.

The space also includes 4 offices and in between the offices spaces, the open area is called "The Faculty Colloquium" where lectures can be held, faculty meetings can be held, quiet conversations and interactions can take place.  This is an area much like a formal living room.  A place that is neat and available to meet important guests and a place to entertain potential donors and friends of the University.  With the Komechak Art Gallery in the background, this area is truly a special place in a very special setting.