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As a resident student, you are able to receive packages and mail to the University.  We do ask that you follow the proper procedures to ensure prompt mail and package handling. 

Residence Halls Students – Living in Ondrak, or Jaeger, please address mail and packages as shown below.

Name- Last two digits of Student ID #

Benedictine University

5700 College Rd

Lisle Il 60532


Students living in the above mentioned residence halls will pick up their mail and packages at the Postal Services Center in Krasa 121.

Founders’ Woods Resident Students – Living in Anderson, Becker, Kucera, Roman, Thomas and Valentine, please address MAIL ONLY as shown below.  Founders’ residents will pick up their packages at the Postal Services Center. 

Name – Last two digits of Student ID #

Apt # (Use only the last three numbers of your apt # and include letter, i.e. for 1104D use 104D)

5600 College Rd

Lisle Il 60532


Lisle Post Office delivers Founders’ Woods apartments’ mail directly. Students should address broken boxes, lost keys, and delivery issues to Residence Life.  No mail will be accepted or held in the mailroom for

Founders’ Woods residents, as mailboxes are available for them.


Commuter Students

Space in the Postal Services Center is limited; therefore, packages and mail for commuter students is not accepted. Students who have a special circumstance please see Student Life to make arrangements.

All Students

All resident students should use the 5700 College Rd address for their packages as some need signatures or special handling. The Postal Services Center will send out email notifications to students as packages arrive to come pick them up at the Postal Services Center.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a student does not receive an email from, that means we do not have any packages received for that student.  All email correspondence from the Postal Services Center will be via the student’s email address ONLY.                                                                                                                                    

There will be no notification sent for letter mail.  Students living in Ondrak, or Jaeger are responsible for checking in with us for mail regularly.  The Postal Services Center will send emails to those students who have packages and/or mail not picked up after two weeks to notify them that if, after thirty days,  the mail/packages are not picked up, then they will be returned to sender. 


Mail Room Hours

Monday-Friday:  8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Contact Information:

Donna Ivancevic

Manager of Office Services



Tom Calpin

Postal Services Supervisor