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The BenU community is here to support you in the classroom & outside the classroom.

ACE Center

Are you looking for academic support, a peer tutor, or where to find an internship? The ACE Center has all of these resources for you. 

ACE Center

Counseling Center

Confidential services to help guide and support Benedictine students toward their personal, social and academic goals. Offering individual and group counseling, outreach programming and referrals.
Meet Our Counselors

Interfaith Cooperation Committee 

The Interfaith Cooperation Committee (ICC) was established in Fall 2014. This advisory committee was created following a key recommendation of the Campus Interfaith Climate Survey sponsored by the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC).

Chaired by Rita George Tvrtkovic, Associate Professor of Theology, the committee includes faculty and staff from a wide range of religions on campus, including a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Atheist/Humanist, and Christians of several different denominations. The committee meets on an ad hoc basis to help the university better live out its Benedictine value of hospitality. Some projects we've worked on over the years include creating the Interfaith Prayer Room in Kindlon Hall, and reviving the Interfaith Hooding Ceremony (a tradition from the 1990s).

The ICC mission statement: "Benedictine University is rooted in its Catholic, Benedictine Heritage; celebrates all faiths; and is on a journey together. We live this tradition daily."

Rita George Tvrtkovich,  Associate Professor, Theology, Chair

Zubair Amir, Associate Professor, English Language and Literature

Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer and Professor, Theology

Manmohan Kaur, Professor, Mathematics

Elizabeth Kubek, Professor, English Language and Literature

Carrie Ankeny, Director, Campus Ministry

Jayashree Sarathy, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Anne Marie Smith, Writing Learning Specialist

Monica Tischler, Professor, Biological Sciences

Safe Space Program & Directory

After the first campus-wide Teach-In on Social Justice in Spring 2017, a group of faculty and staff began developing a Safe Space Ally Training Program.  The purpose of this program is to help faculty/staff develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to make our campus more welcoming and more inclusive to LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. 

In November 2017, we hosted our first Safe Space Ally Training session with the help of the chief diversity officer at St. Norbert College. Out of this program, 20 individuals became designated "Safe Space Allies."  In Spring and Summer 2018, a group of committed BenU faculty, staff, and students developed our own training program, inspired by the program at St. Norbert College and adapted to the needs of our campus.  We hosted a second Safe Space Ally Training session in August 2018, giving another 20 individuals the opportunity to become designated allies. 

Click through the different buildings on campus where you will find Safe Space Allys.These members of our community participated in a two-hour Safe Space Ally Training 101 session and have signed a contract indicating their commitment to being a safe, and supportive presence for any member of the community. Their office space has a Safe Space Ally sticker, indicating that the space is open to anyone who is in need of a safe environment.

Are you looking for a Safe Space Ally? Search by building below. 

Birck Hall
  • Ian Hall, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 335,

  • Leigh Anne Harden, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 342,

  • Manu Kaur,  Professor, Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Birck 123,

  • William Law, Dean, College of Science

Birck 119,

  • Cheryl Mascarenhas, Professor, Chemistry

Birck 323,

  • Tim Marin, Professor, Chemistry/Biology

Birck 324,

  • Robert McCarthy, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 336,

  • Philip Novack-Gottshall, Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 332,

  • Tiara Perez, Assistant Professor, Biology

Birck 334,

  • Niina Ronkainen, Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry

Birck 328,

  • Tonia Rucker, Senior Assistant to an Academic Dean, College of Science

Birck 119A,

  • Jayashree Sarathy, Associate Professor, Biology

Birck 339,

  • Stefan Stefanoski, Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry

Birck 351,

  • Monica Tishcler, Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 333,

  • Karly Tumminello, Director/Curator, Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum

Birck 229,

  • Allison Wilson, Professor, Biological Sciences; Director of New Faculty Mentoring Program, Center for Teaching and Learning

Birck 319,

  • Ellen Ziliak, Associate Professor, Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Birck 126,

Goodwin Hall
  • Karen Campana, Chief Enrollment and Retention Officer

Goodwin 465,

  • Julie Cosimo, Director, Academic and Career Enrichment Center (ACE Center)

Goodwin 281-J,

  • Carol Fendrick, Science Learning Specialist

Goodwin 214,

  • Marian Flattum, Math Learning Specialist

Goodwin 215S,

  • Cheryl Heinz, Associate Provost and Associate Professor, Biology

Goodwin 367,

  • Amber Johnson, Chief Communications Officer & Senior Research Associate, Center for Values-Driven Leadership

Goodwin 488,

  • Lindsay Koriath, Adult & Alumni Workforce Specialist, ACE Center

Goodwin 215-S,

  • Rachael Narel, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior

Goodwin 475,

  • Darrell Radson, Dean, Goodwin College of Business

Goodwin 260,

  • Amy Shin, Director, Institutional Research

Goodwin 283,

  • Anne Marie Smith, Writing Specialist, ACE Center

Goodwin 214-O,

Kindlon Hall of Learning
  • Carol Allen, Campus Ministry, Coordinator of Retreats, Faith Formation and Liturgy

Kindlon 413,

  • Carrie Ankeny, Director, Campus Ministry

Kindlon 416,

  • Steven Burgess, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Kindlon 157,

  • Wilson Chen, Director, Intercultural Education and Professor, English Language and Literature

Kindlon 267,

  • Chris Duffrin, Dean, College of Education and Health Services

Kindlon 259,

  • Kaveh Hemmat, Instructor, Global Studies

Kindlon 149,

  • Joe Incandela, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Kindlon 144,

  • Joan Libner, Professor, Nursing and Health

Kindlon 248,

  • Greg Ott, Instructor, Writing Program

Kindlon 219B,

  • Philip Timko, Minister of the Sacraments, Campus Ministry

Kindlon 414,

  • Beth Vinkler, Professor, Languages and Literature; Program Director, Scholars Program and Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Kindlon 221,

Krasa Student Center
  • Marc Davidson, Interim Director, BenU Learning Center

Krasa 030,

  • David Kleinberg, Director, International Programs and Services

Krasa 030,

  • Marco Masini, Dean of Students, Student Life

Krasa 177,

  • Monica Ragusa, Assistant Director for Co-Curricular Learning and Leadership Development

Krasa 010C,

  • Xiaojin Yu, Program Coordinator - China Region

Krasa 030D,

Lownik Hall
  • Steve Delmagori, Assistant Registrar for Course Management

Lownik 103G,

  • Rob Domaschuk, Assistant Director, Training and Development, IT

Lownik 069,

  • Matt Jones, Interim Director, Admissions

Lownik 204,

  • Laura Markun, Assistant Director of Enrollment Systems

Lownik 020,

  • Kelly O'Connor, Tuition Counselor

Lownik 105A,

Rice Center
Scholl Hall
  • Christopher Birks, Associate Professor, Communications Arts

Scholl 169,

  • Krissy Dulek, Director, Corporate, Foundation, and Government Grants

Scholl 165,

  • Allen Legutki, Associate Professor, Music

Scholl 107,

  • Luigi Manca, Professor, Communication Arts

Scholl 123,

  • Chez Rumpf, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Scholl 228K,

  • Tammy Sarver, Professor, Political Science and Title IX Coordinator

Scholl 228L,

  • Pat Somers, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Director of Intercultural Education

Scholl 228C,

Neff Center
  • Karl Constant, Assistant Director, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Neff 109A,

  • Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer and Professor, Theology

Neff 102,

  • Bernadette Ramsden, Coordinator, Violence Against Women Act Grant

Neff 110,

University Police Station
  • Michi Dubes, Emergency Preparedness Manager and Safety Specialist

Parking Garage A132,

Safe Space Ally Program Welcome
Safe Space Ally Committee

Carol Allen, Coordinator of Retreats, Faith Formation and Liturgy,

Carrie Ankeny, Director of Campus Ministry,

Steven Burgess,  Assistant Professor of Philosophy,

Karl Constant, Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion,

Marc Davidson Committee Chair, Interim Director of BenU Learning Center,

Krissy Dulek, Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Grants,

Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer, Professor of Theology,

Bernadette Ramsden, Violence Against Women Act Grant Coordinator,

Cesarea Rumpf, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice,


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