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Safe Space Ally Directory

On this page, you will find a current directory of faculty and staff who have voluntarily identified themselves as a Safe Space Ally on campus. These members of our community participated in a two-hour Safe Space Ally Training 101 session and have signed a contract indicating their commitment to being a safe, and supportive presence for any member of the community. Their office space has a Safe Space Ally sticker, indicating that the space is open to anyone who is in need of a safe environment.



Birck Hall
  • Ian Hall, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 335,

  • Leigh Anne Harden, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 342,

  • Manu Kaur,  Professor, Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Birck 123,

  • William Law, Dean, College of Science

Birck 119,

  • Cheryl Mascarenhas, Professor, Chemistry

Birck 323,

  • Tim Marin, Professor, Chemistry/Biology

Birck 324,

  • Robert McCarthy, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 336,

  • Philip Novack-Gottshall, Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 332,

  • Tiara Perez, Assistant Professor, Biology

Birck 334,

  • Niina Ronkainen, Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry

Birck 328,

  • Tonia Rucker, Senior Assistant to an Academic Dean, College of Science

Birck 119A,

  • Jayashree Sarathy, Associate Professor, Biology

Birck 339,

  • Stefan Stefanoski, Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry

Birck 351,

  • Monica Tishcler, Professor, Biological Sciences

Birck 333,

  • Karly Tumminello, Director/Curator, Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum

Birck 229,

  • Allison Wilson, Professor, Biological Sciences; Director of New Faculty Mentoring Program, Center for Teaching and Learning

Birck 319,

  • Ellen Ziliak, Associate Professor, Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Birck 126,

Goodwin Hall
  • Karen Campana, Chief Enrollment and Retention Officer

Goodwin 465,

  • Julie Cosimo, Director, Academic and Career Enrichment Center (ACE Center)

Goodwin 281-J,

  • Carol Fendrick, Science Learning Specialist

Goodwin 214,

  • Marian Flattum, Math Learning Specialist

Goodwin 215S,

  • Cheryl Heinz, Associate Provost and Associate Professor, Biology

Goodwin 367,

  • Amber Johnson, Chief Communications Officer & Senior Research Associate, Center for Values-Driven Leadership

Goodwin 488,

  • Lindsay Koriath, Adult & Alumni Workforce Specialist, ACE Center

Goodwin 215-S,

  • Rachael Narel, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior

Goodwin 475,

  • Darrell Radson, Dean, Goodwin College of Business

Goodwin 260,

  • Amy Shin, Director, Institutional Research

Goodwin 283,

  • Anne Marie Smith, Writing Specialist, ACE Center

Goodwin 214-O,

Kindlon Hall of Learning
  • Carol Allen, Campus Ministry, Coordinator of Retreats, Faith Formation and Liturgy

Kindlon 413,

  • Carrie Ankeny, Director, Campus Ministry

Kindlon 416,

  • Steven Burgess, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Kindlon 157,

  • Wilson Chen, Director, Intercultural Education and Professor, English Language and Literature

Kindlon 267,

  • Chris Duffrin, Dean, College of Education and Health Services

Kindlon 259,

  • Kaveh Hemmat, Instructor, Global Studies

Kindlon 149,

  • Joe Incandela, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Kindlon 144,

  • Joan Libner, Professor, Nursing and Health

Kindlon 248,

  • Greg Ott, Instructor, Writing Program

Kindlon 219B,

  • Philip Timko, Minister of the Sacraments, Campus Ministry

Kindlon 414,

  • Beth Vinkler, Professor, Languages and Literature; Program Director, Scholars Program and Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Kindlon 221,

Krasa Student Center
  • Marc Davidson, Associate Director, International Programs and Services

Krasa 030,

  • Hope Keber, Director, Counseling Center

Krasa 109,

  • David Kleinberg, Director, International Programs and Services

Krasa 030,

  • Marco Masini, Vice President, Student Life

Krasa 177,

  • Monica Ragusa, Assistant Director for Co-Curricular Learning and Leadership Development

Krasa 010C,

  • Xiaojin Yu, Program Coordinator - China Region

Krasa 030D,

Lownik Hall
  • Steve Delmagori, Assistant Registrar for Course Management

Lownik 103G,

  • Rob Domaschuk, Assistant Director, Training and Development, IT

Lownik 069,

  • Matt Jones, Interim Director, Admissions

Lownik 204,

  • Laura Markun, Assistant Director of Enrollment Systems

Lownik 020,

  • Kelly O'Connor, Tuition Counselor

Lownik 105A,

Rice Center
Scholl Hall
  • Christopher Birks, Associate Professor, Communications Arts

Scholl 169,

  • Krissy Dulek, Director, Corporate, Foundation, and Government Grants

Scholl 165,

  • Allen Legutki, Associate Professor, Music

Scholl 107,

  • Luigi Manca, Professor, Communication Arts

Scholl 123,

  • Chez Rumpf, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Scholl 228K,

  • Tammy Sarver, Professor, Political Science and Title IX Coordinator

Scholl 228L,

  • Pat Somers, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Director of Intercultural Education

Scholl 228C,

  • Karl Constant, Assistant Director, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Neff 109A,

  • Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer and Professor, Theology

Neff 102,

  • Bernadette Ramsden, Coordinator, Violence Against Women Act Grant

Neff 110,

University Police Station
  • Michi Dubes, Emergency Preparedness Manager and Safety Specialist

Parking Garage A132,