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What's Your Plan?

Explore, Experience, Engage, Emerge

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  • Create or update your profile on the ACE Connect where you'll be able to upload a résumé and connect with employers for internships and jobs. Even if you aren’t looking for a new opportunity right now, registering on these sites will give you an understanding about employers who are seeking BenU students and alumni.
  • Research career fields and occupations to determine what might be a great fit for you, if you haven’t found it already.
  • Revise your résumé and cover letter. Are you changing careers? Talk to a career advisor about how to most effectively format and structure your résumé.
  • Ask your career advisor for connections to professionals to conduct informational interviews and job shadows to gain specific insight into certain career paths or organizations of interest. To get started with this, be sure to join the BenU Network.
  • Check in with your career advisor and revise and update your résumé if needed. Continue your career exploration and research. Add to your professional online presence by creating or updating your LinkedIn profile.
  • Connect with fellow alumni and other community members to complete informational interviews and job shadowing experiences to learn more about your projected career path and feel confident in your decisions.
  • Speak with your academic advisor, professors, or former professors and ask for recommendations regarding networking opportunities.
  • If an internship is required in your degree, determine when you want to complete that experience so you can start a timeline for the application process.
  • Research and start to apply for internships or jobs.


  • Make an appointment with your career advisor, and update your résumé, other job search documents and LinkedIn page as needed. 
  • Keep a log of your accomplishments for greater ease in updating your résumé as you progress. Keep track of your networking and application activities as well.
  • Research the job market in your areas of interest as well as graduate school. Utilize online resources and those in the Career Resource Library to help in your research.
  • Attend workshops as needed to strengthen your professional skills and preparedness.
  • Build your networking and interviewing skills. Attend networking events produced by ACE and the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Schedule a mock interview with your career advisor.
  • Set your job search objectives and create a timeline.
  • Submit your updated job search documents to ACE Connect and other online sites you wish to use.
  • Determine the parameters of your job search: geographic location, size and type of company you wish to work for, field, etc.
  • Identify targeted companies and organizations. Talk to your career advisor about how to tailor your cover letters and other documents to your targeted companies.
  • Continue networking: Attend events on campus and through professional associations of particular interest to you. Connect with the Office of Alumni Relations to get connected with fellow Benedictine alumni. Join the BenU Network.
    - Join the Benedictine Alumni Group on LinkedIn.
    - Check out other networking opportunities.
  • Actively seek, apply and interview for jobs. Participate in on-campus interviews when available; attend CareerFest through the College Career Consortium of Illinois (CCCI); apply to jobs posted online; rely on your developing network for news about potential jobs that would be a good match for you.
  • Make an appointment to do a practice interview with your career advisor. Research starting salaries in your industry and talk about when and how to negotiate. 
  • Continue to attend networking events and practice professional communication and etiquette.
  • Good luck and keep in touch! Let your career advisor know when you have accepted an internship or full-time position.

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