Job Shadowing, Informational Interviews, and Mentorship

A great way to learn about a certain organization, career path, or industry is to talk to people currently in those jobs and industries. ACE facilitates connections between alumni and other community volunteers with current students and fellow alumni. These activities may be accomplished individually or as a part of a longer relationship with a professional mentor through the Benedictine University Mentorship Program.

Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing:

The goal of conducting an informational interview is to obtain information by conducting an interview (not for the purpose of asking for a job or an internship) with a professional in the field with which you are interested. This can be a valuable activity to gain insight on a specific career path, occupational field or industry.

Job shadowing is another great way to become acquainted with the inner workings of a particular occupation, field, company and work environment. Observing people in action performing a job you’re contemplating allows you to better imagine yourself in a similar position. You can ask yourself: Does this work appeal to me? Do I like this type of company or organization? Do I like the culture of this workplace? If not, what’s missing for me? Requesting to job shadow also allows you to connect with alumni or other community members to expand your professional network.

Download this guide to learn more about the recommended process and for sample questions to ask. After the interview or job shadowing opportunity, don’t forget to send a thank you email or note and an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

Benefits from informational interviewing and job shadowing:

  • Learn from an individual's professional and personal experiences.
  • Receive guidance on searching for internships or jobs, writing résumés and prepare for job interviews.
  • Receive guidance in applying for advanced degree programs.
  • Engage in discussions about career-related activities.
  • Visit a professional's place of work.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Observe a job in action and a work environment that interests you.
  • If you are a student or alumni interested in talking to a professional in your desired field, contact ACE at (630) 829-6041 or

Benedictine University Mentorship Program (BUMP):

Are you wondering what you want to do after graduation...and with the rest of your life?

Maybe you have questions about what your options are with the major you've chosen, what a certain industry or occupation is like or how you can get where you want to go. Perhaps you'd like to talk to someone and get some advice from a professional who's working in an area you're curious about. For undergraduate students, this is an opportunity to get to know a mentor (a Benedictine alumna or alumnus) who is experienced in a professional area that interests you. Consider signing up for the Benedictine University Mentorship Program today to get a jump-start in the right direction.

Developing a relationship with a mentor can...

  • Give you insight into a potential career and help you understand how you might fit within a certain work environment.
  • Provide you with great opportunities to network and engage with the professional world.
  • Allow you to engage in meaningful conversation and participate in events with your mentor that encourage professional development and personal growth.
General expectations include the following:
  • Get connected with your mentor at a kick-off meet and greet event on campus.
  • Communicate about once a month throughout the academic year (or a minimum of six times during a two-semester time frame).
  • Attend events with your mentor, such as a networking event on campus or at another location determined by you and your mentor.
  • Keep a monthly log of all your activities with your mentor.
  • Write a one-page reflection after your mentorship period has ended.
  • Complete a short survey about the experience. (Survey will be provided.)
  • Earn a certificate of completion at the bronze, silver or gold level.
Student at computer
To register and request a mentor:

Visit the Benedictine Virtual Career Center (BVCC) to complete the mentorship interest form and questionnaire. Once ACE receives your information, you will be notified and more details will be provided. We'll let you know who has been selected as your mentor and when your first meeting on campus will be. Please understand this process may take some time depending on the availability of mentors. We also want to make sure you are paired with the appropriate professional creating the most mutually beneficial connection.

If you have not already registered and created your Benedictine Virtual Career Center (BVCC) profile, please click here. If you have any questions about participating in the Benedictine University Mentorship Program, please contact Lindsay Koriath at or (630) 829-6009.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Visit the University's Alumni Relations home page for details and to submit an interest form. The Benedictine University Mentorship Program is a collaborative program developed by the Office of Alumni Relations and ACE.

Alumni, Community Members & Parents:

By volunteering as a mentor, you can help a student select a major and learn more about a particular occupation or assist an alumnus or alumna in their decision to make a career change. You can provide a wealth of information to an individual who wants to learn more about your company or industry and expand their network. It's up to you to decide how, when and where you may be contacted. Here are a few suggestions we have for our volunteers:

  • Arrange a 30- to 60- minute informational interview.
  • Invite a student/alumnus to shadow you at work for a day.
  • Suggest professional development activities.
  • Critique a résumé and/or conduct a mock interview.
  • Introduce the student to professional colleagues.
  • Recommend books and other resources.

It is up to you to decide the level of commitment you wish to make. You might choose to do one of these activities with one student, or you may wish to participate in a year-long commitment with the Benedictine University Mentorship Program.

If you would like to become a mentor through the Benedictine University Mentorship Program please contact Trente Arens, director of Alumni Relations, at

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