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  Role of the Faculty Advisor

Faculty teaching in relevant fields at ACCA institutions are urged to assign class projects that provide a basis for student presentations and to provide incentives that will encourage participation. Many faculty members elect to include creative or unusual projects that would be appropriate for ACCA in their syllabi and specifically list presentation at the Student Scholarship Symposium as an option for sharing results.

In addition to encouraging student participation, faculty members are asked to review and edit their students’ abstracts. Abstracts will be posted on the website. The quality of the abstract reflects on the student, the faculty sponsor, the institution and ACCA. Ideally, the student should receive feedback from the faculty member and edit the abstract before submitting it.

Note: Even if the work is not entirely finished before the symposium presentation, a meaningful progress report can be beneficial. Projects completed during the prior summer or term (semester or quarter) may be presented at the ACCA Student Scholarship Symposium.