BenU ACCA Spring Seminar 2017 Schedule

Current Topics in Biomedical Research

Benedictine University
Birck Hall of Science, BK 112
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


 Date Title  Speaker Affiliation
 February 14

 Developing Drugs For Rare Diseases Robin Rylaarsdam Benedictine
 February 21

 Immune System Mechanisms and Type 2 Allergic Disease Daniela Janevska Northwestern
 February 28 How Biophysical Cues Influence Cell Behaviors:
 Implications for Tissue Engineering and Gene Therapy
 Joshua Gasiorosky Midwestern
 March 7

 Tentative: Micro RNA's and Tumor Suppressor Genes Nalini Chandar Midwestern
 March 14

 Quorum Sensing in Bacteria Tiara Perez UIC
 March 21

 March 28

 Cardioprotection and the Nervous System Anne Roessler Loyola
 April 4

 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Jeff Schneider Northwestern
 April 11

 Vibro vulnificus: Perils of the Warming Ocean Karla Satchell Northwestern
 April 18 The Yin and Yang of Bile Acid Action on Tight Junctions
 in the Human Colon
 Jayashree Sarathy Benedictine
 April 25

 Bacteria and Health: Benefits of Eating Dirt Julie Swartzendruber Midwestern

Free parking is easiest to find in the lot immediately south of Birck Hall, or in the parking garage southwest of Birck.
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