This is not a mainstream, one-size-fits-all education. At BenU, we put you first.
At Benedictine University, Lisle, we are making it possible for more students to graduate in four years.

We know that students who complete a bachelor’s degree in four years will save thousands of dollars in tuition and housing expenses. Another benefit of completing a degree in four years is that you will have a head start on earning income and achieving personal goals, while peers at other universities might take five or more years to finish their degrees.

Beginning in Fall Semester 2018, first-time freshmen may apply for the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee (4YGG) that awards diplomas to students who meet the program’s requirements during eight continuous semesters of enrollment. Qualifying students will pay for four years of education. If required courses are not available during the four years, the university will pay for enrollment in the necessary courses when the course becomes available.

All incoming freshmen will be offered the opportunity to enter into a 4YGG agreement*. Qualified applicants will need to meet identified placement scores in math, writing, and a foreign language requirement and must attend a Student Orientation Advising and Registration session. As enrollment begins and continues, participating students will stay on track by using “My Planner,” an academic advising tool, while earning a minimum of thirty credit hours per year.
(*While many students will qualify for participation in the 4YGG, students who are majoring in engineering science, clinical laboratory science, clinical life science, nuclear medicine technology, diagnostic medical sonography, and radiation therapy are ineligible for 4YGG participation because of the higher credit-hour requirements for those degrees. Contact our Admissions Office for more information.)


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